Student Spotlight Samantha O’Mara

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Samantha O’Mara is a current student in the MAPP Online program. She graduated from University of Maryland in 2020 with a B.A. in Human Resources minoring in Business Administration.

What drew you to the MAPP program?

I was drawn to the MAPP program due to the program’s extensive curriculum that blends both Organizational and Consumer Psychology. I loved that the MAPP program focused on the intersection of psychology theory, research, and applied practice in organizational settings. From a career perspective, I hope to continue to develop in the Human Resource and Talent Acquisition functions and MAPP has provided me the opportunity to better understand both organizations and consumers, how they interact, and how the changing landscape of the economy influences both.

Where do you currently work? What does your position entail?

I currently work for Prudential Financial as a Diversity Recruitment Partner where I provide strategic support and partnership to enhance Prudential’s approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), including management and execution across internal and external partnerships and programs to enable strategic recruitment practices.

How has MAPP prepared you professionally?

MAPP has prepared me professionally as it has deepened my understanding of how consumers and organizations operate and interact. In my current workplace, I support Talent Acquisition and MAPP has enabled me to better understand how to market, attract, assess, and engage consumers (such as candidates) and build effective partnerships to drive organizational growth and success.

What aspects of MAPP were rewarding?

I have found the curriculum of MAPP to be extremely rewarding. The curriculum provides foundational knowledge through the core courses while also offering electives that allow students to choose areas of focus.