Social Media for Customer Service

Social media is a vital communication platform and key customer service tool for businesses and organizations. It can offer instant customer service and can also help build brand validity, awareness and exposure to audiences.

To learn more, check out the infographic created by USC’s Master of Science in Applied Psychology Program.

Social Media Customer Service

Customer service should be at the heart of every successful business, regardless of industry.

Social Media Affects Company Brands

Social media improves customer relations and brand reputation. 51% of Twitter users report that communicating with brands on Twitter creates positive feelings toward the brand, and 34% report purchasing a service or product after positively interacting with a brand on Twitter. Creating positive experiences through social media can make a difference in communication and sales.

Social Media Offers Faster Communications

Successful social media usage relies on prompt communication. 72% of consumers expect a reply within 24 hours on social media. Fast communication also leads to 75% of consumers rewarding businesses through means such as visiting their website, making a purchase, improving their opinion of the company, recommending the business and leaving a positive review.

Twilio’s 2021 State of Customer Engagement Report found that 54% of businesses found the pandemic increased their digital interactions by 50% or more. Digital touchpoints with customers increased by an average of 63%. 90% of businesses found that greater customer engagement online increased their customer insights.

Why Companies Should Use Social Media for Customer Service

Demand has increased for customer service through social media. 59.3% of the global population, or 4.74 billion people, actively uses social media, so demand for customer service on social media is increasing. 95.8% of people own a smartphone and 59.3% of the global population, or 4.74 billion people, actively uses social media, so there’s a large audience for your brand. In fact, online adults spend 27% of their time on social media looking for things to do or buy. 26.2% find products to purchase and 22.6% see content from their favorite brands. Companies that invested in digital customer engagement saw their top line revenue increase an average of 70% in the last two years.

Why American Customers Use Social Media for Customer Service

There are several reasons Americans use social media for customer service. For example, 33% use it to discover new products, services and brands, and 34% use it to learn about products, services and brands. Beyond searching for products, 26% make their purchases through social media links and 25% recommend products, services and brands on social media. Finally, 17% use social media to communicate with brands for support.

Why Companies Use Social Media for Customer Service

Social media and digital customer interactions can also help your company keep track of trends and inform policy. SproutSocial reports that brands collect social data to improve their brands. 65% use it to inform sales strategy, 48% use it for product development and 46% use it to develop content strategy. Companies also use it to learn about customer experience (44%), gain competitive insight (40%) and do market research (32%).

How Customer Service Affects a Company’s Brand and Bottom Line

An efficiently served customer on social media increases brand awareness. 91% of customers say that a good customer service experience makes them more likely to purchase again, and 88% of consumers respond positively when a business owner responds to all reviews, both positive and negative. Beyond answering questions and solving problems, social customer care engages the community at large and brings positive attention to your brand. This increases your brand’s relatability and customer loyalty.

Social Media Customer Service Makes Praise Public

Social media makes praise public, but it also makes critiques and negative reviews public, too. If a customer sees a competitor offering better care and support, they’re more likely to choose that competitor. When a business doesn’t communicate well, 41% of consumers unsubscribe/unfollow, 30% have a lower opinion of the company and 19% stop doing business with the company altogether.

Overall, 71% of consumers believe brands should publically take a stand on sensitive issues. This includes 73% of Gen Z consumers and 77% of millennial consumers.

Social Media is the New Window Shopping

33.5% of online adults chose to purchase something based on online reviews, and 22.1% decided based on social media likes. 14.5% decided based on live chat boxes. Seeing a brand on social media increases a consumer’s awareness of the brand and the likelihood that they’ll make a purchase. For example, 26.9% of online adults discover brands through ads on social media, 22.8% discover brands through recommendations on social media and 16.5% discover brands through the brand’s own social media updates.

Examples of Outstanding Customer Service Through Social Media

These three companies are successfully leveraging customer service through social media.


MeUndies considers good customer service part of their brand’s mission. Their average response time on social media is just under 20 minutes.


Zappos puts their commitment to customer service right in their bio on nearly all their social media platforms. They have a 100% response rate and respond in less than 20 minutes. Beyond that, they may send handwritten notes and other gifts that customers share on their own socials.


Spotify won a Webby Award for social media customer support, and they’ve stayed committed to providing great service. Often, Spotify will link a song in their responses, directing customers to their site and offering a personal touch.

Leverage Social Media for Business

By providing fast support, good customer service and availability across several platforms, social media customer service has become an integrated part of the online experience. Using social media for customer service is a great way to boost your brand’s reach and customer loyalty.


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