Steve Westberg


Photo of Steve Westberg

B.S. in Business Administration, U.C. Berkeley
M.S. and Ph.D. in Marketing Science, University of Texas at Dallas
Lieutenant Commander, United States Navy
Partner, Executive Vice President, Hiner & Partners, Inc.

Dr. Steve Westberg has been teaching marketing and consumer psychology courses to graduate and undergraduate students for about 20 years, in parallel to his professional career as a marketing research and strategy consultant. He is an expert in both quantitative and qualitative research methods with experience in consulting and client-side positions in marketing research.

Professionally, Dr. Westberg is a partner at Hiner & Partners, Inc. a marketing diagnostics and strategy consultancy with clients in utilities, insurance, health care, and financial services. Previously, he was Manager of Market Research at Southern California Edison (SCE), responsible for all marketing research including customer satisfaction and value analysis, segmentation, new program and rate development, and communications. Prior to joining SCE, Steve was a Senior Research Executive for Wirthlin Worldwide, where he helped to establish one of the first research groups dedicated to applications of Means-End theory and benefits-based research.

Dr. Westberg teaches Consumer Psychology for our program.