Francesca Romana Puggelli, Ph.D.


Photo of Francesca Romana Puggelli, Ph.D.

BA in Social Communications, Università Cattolica di Milano (Italy)
MS in Advertising Management, Università Cattolica di Milano (Italy)
PhD in Social Sciences-Commercial Advertising, Università Cattolica di Milano (Italy)

Dr. Francesca Puggelli is both an accomplished consultant and instructor with a 15-year history of teaching at the masters and undergraduate levels. She has taught courses including Psychology of Communications, Social Advertising, Creativity in Work Organization, Advertising Psychology, and Work and Business Psychology in Italy. Dr. Puggelli has successfully consulted for major corporations that include L’Oreal, The Walt Disney Company, and Dove (Unilever), using focus group testing to support product launches and advertising campaigns. She has spoken at international conferences, delivered keynote addresses, and has authored over 50 publications. Areas of expertise include: advertising, public service advertising, mass media, children, tourism, and communication.

She teaches Psychology of Interactive Media in our program.