About Our Curriculum

 The curriculum is broken down into four semesters and can be completed in as few as 16 months. 

Required Courses

PSYC 550APro-seminar in Human Behavior: Foundations in Business Psychology4 units
PSYC 550BPro-seminar in Human Behavior: Applications4 units
PSYC 505Research Methods in Applied Psychology4 units
PSYC 552Consumer Psychology4 units
PSYC 565Organizational Psychology4 units


PSYC 517Group Dynamics and Leadership4 units
PSYC 521 Cross-cultural Psychology in Applied Settings4 units
PSYC 556Psychology of Interactive Media4 units
PSYC 566Psychology of Employee Selection and Assessment4 units
PSYC 578Workshop in Quantitative Methods4 units

Practicum Required

PSYC 591 Internship in Applied Psychology4 units
PSYC 592Treatise Capstone2 units