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Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Here is what our students and graduates have to say about the Master of Science in Applied Psychology program at USC Dornsife.

Tara McGuire |  Spring 2015 Cohort:

The online MAP program through USC Dornsife provided a unique learning experience unlike anything I have come across in previous academic programs. Taking all my courses online and from a distance of 3,000 miles made me work harder than I have in the past. I needed to stay on schedule by myself and make the most of classroom discussions and the availability of the professors. Time management is incredibly important and it is a skill I had to build on the fly, but am very grateful to have it in my wheelhouse now. While it may seem counterintuitive, I have built stronger relationships with some of my professors online than I ever did in the classroom. Being one of the first two students in the online program allowed me to be in the smallest classes I have ever taken, and the interaction with most of the professors was phenomenal. As part of the internship requirement I found my current position with a local start-up, and the skills I needed to take classes online have been transferable to working for a start-up. You need to be a self-starter and willing to take responsibility for all of the work you do there is no one checking in on you when you go to class every week. Anyone who takes part in the online program will only get out of it what they put into it.


Margarit Davtian | Spring 2015 Cohort:
The MAPP program was my breakthrough to new career possibilities in the exciting field of marketing. Coming from a mental health background in Psychology, I virtually had no formal knowledge about marketing concepts and organizational development. The highly specialized curriculum of the program not only gave me a starting point, but it was the bridge to my professional and personal development. In just three semesters, the MAPP program shaped the parameters of my worldview in which psychology and business are intimately connected. Thanks to the MAPP program, I was able to confidently apply to the marketing roles I wanted and land my dream job!


Jenna Mairs | Summer 2015 Cohort:
I think that the MAPP program is fantastic. It’s hard work but convenient, and it really allows for those with unconventional hours or lives to further their education, while learning to be a professional, at least for me. I have really enjoyed my time so far in the program, and I think that my participation in the program will be one of the best things I can do for my future.


Vanessa Serrano | Summer 2015 Cohort:
Pursuing my education and being a part of the MAPP program, has been one of the best decisions I have made. Being able to apply what I am learning immediately to everyday life and within my current job position is allowing me to grow significantly. Networking with classmates and building professional relationships is an added plus!


Bryan Shepherd | Fall 2015 Cohort:
The USC MAPP program is swiftly changing my life. They do a great job of keeping you connected and making you feel like a valuable part of the Trojan family. It’s remarkable how engaging the professors and advisers can be from such as long distance. As a current resident of the east coast, the professors have been clear with communication and flexible when needed. The program itself is structured in a way that allows you to gain knowledge from both instructors and cohorts. It has exceeded my expectations in every way.


Jessica Almeida | Summer 2014 Cohort:
There were many reasons why I choose the Masters in Applied Psychology at USC. I looked at several Master’s programs and found that I was drawn and more interested to the course curriculum offered in this program than at other prominent universities. As a Human Resources professional I was not interested in the curriculum offered in traditional MBA programs. With 10 years of human resources experience I wanted to take course work that would not be an overview I what I already knew but rather a coursework that would enhance and supplement what I was already doing by applying psychology in my job on a daily basis. I found the MAP program has been invaluable to help me develop my skills as a professional, will add value to my career development and make me more competitive in the job market.

The MAP program online has given me the flexibility to obtain my master’s degree while working a full-time job. As a wife and mother, I have the freedom to complete my weekly coursework when it best fits my schedule. The other aspect of this program that I have truly found rewarding is that the curriculum is challenging. I do not feel that I am doing any less than my on-campus counter parts. Lastly the USC MAP program has done an excellent job in making me feel like I am part of the Trojan family. The professors and support staff in the MAP program are accessible, personable and passionate about the curriculum. Many of my professors have worked or work in the industry that they teach coursework in, offering a perspective that goes beyond textbook learning. Overall my experience has been positive and I am looking forward to obtaining my degree in 2016!

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